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Temple Station Underground Tour Description

You've defeated Shulgoth and sealed the nearby Rifts that have long afflicted Covent Garden Station. You've ventured deep into the mind of a madman to uncover the second secret of Truth. And now you've moved on, to the realm of the Hunter Rorke and First Seer, Ser Sing.

Temple Station, one of the few sanctuaries beneath London to not fall under the jurisdiction of the mighty Templar, is operated and maintained by Rorke, the enigmatic leader of the Wetwork Whole, otherwise known as the body of soldiers that comprise the Hunt. The first few missions you'll come upon take place in Puddle Dock. The seemingly calm but disheveled streets have their fair share of zombies and the like, though you should know by now that any minor pause in the demonic madness means something lies further ahead... something terrible.

Seen flying high above London since your journey started is the Exospector, the blimp-like being whose tentacles' sinusoidal movements are as calming as they are deadly. We've mentioned before in a previous Tube Tour that you would fight the Exospector to the death. That battle takes place here in Puddle Dock. Once victorious, the fight is only half over. Crashing down into the shattered pavement, the Exospector itself becomes the next level. Upon entering the deceased Demon, the claustrophobic tunnels and lack of natural light make navigating through the level as challenging as battling the Demons inside of it. You'll have to rethink some of your battle tactics to compensate for the tight interiors.

Angel Passage is the next stop. The irony here is that the air is toxic, and the ground littered with organic boils -- far from anything angelic. Regardless of what class your character is, the goal will remain the same: cleanse the city. Using a cleanser rifle, you must traverse the polluted alleys and streets, destroying the pulsating boils and making the air breathable once again. Angel Passage also introduces you to a new and terrifying boss, though those details are best kept secret for now.

On your way to Templar Base, you'll pass through Barge House. Protected by an uncountable number of flying Demons, the wind blows fiercely here, amplifying the dark and freezing atmosphere. A fun and interesting fact here is that if you're playing the game using a CPU with multiple cores, you'll see significantly more snow and particle effects in levels like Barge House. While fun to look at in its own right, the intensified snow effects dramatically help shape the area's mood and ambience. This is not a place where you'll want to be playing alone.

At last, Templar Base. Serene and tranquil, this underground sanctuary's church-like aesthetics are a drastic change to any place you've yet visited. Stained glass windows and candlelight set the stage for this holy place, where hand-carved altars are typical, and heavenly light pours through the glasswork. The housed flora, as bare as they may seem, symbolize hope and life in a time and place overrun with death and despair. You've made it this far, my friend, but the fight is only just beginning.

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