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Telladar Chronicles: Decline - hot news in development progress report # 3!

The work above creation of 3d RTS from Mindlink Studio TC: Decline takes its normal course and it's time to share with you some of our achievements and novelties.

For the last month the art department of our company has been working without a break and our 3-D modelers are already brag of new models of game characters. Today we'll present you two models of completely new plan:

  • Model of horchi warrior. (These creatures are born nomads and valiant equestrians)
  • In addition, we are glad to show you an example of work above Miere animals - the Telladarian horse.

The work above the game art has practically approached to the end, and we are glad to show some last achievements of our artists on a field of characters creation.

  • Horchi Shaman
  • Elven Mage

Next month we'll present you a couple ofscreenshots of a new map as well as other infesting news.


Irina Semenova

ICQ# 120212105 Runcha

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