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Telegraph Crosswords

500 head-scratchers for 500 Nintendo Points.

May 12, 2010 – Telegraph Media Group and Sanuk Games announce the release of TELEGRAPH CROSSWORDS on Nintendo DSiWare in United Kingdom and Ireland.

Discover a whopping 500 crossword puzzles from Britain’s best-selling quality daily like you’ve never played them before! Browse through a wide assortment of Quick crosswords, General Knowledge crosswords and Cryptic crosswords depending on your skills and mood.

With its handy interface and intuitive controls, TELEGRAPH CROSSWORDS transfigures the classic pen-and-paper experience:

• Character entry is easy with on-screen keyboard or handwriting recognition.

• Errors can be notified either immediately or after completion.

• Interactive hints prevent you from being stuck.

• You can stop and resume puzzles at any time.

TELEGRAPH CROSSWORDS will be released in United Kingdom and Ireland on May 21st at the price of 500 Nintendo Points.

TELEGRAPH CROSSWORDS is also available on Playstation Minis (PSP and PS3) and iPhone.

About Sanuk Games (

Sanuk Games is a leading casual game development studio with over 40 titles released on various consoles. Among Sanuk Games’ releases are Countdown, Junior Brain Trainer (in UK’s budget DS charts during more than a year), Ready Steady Cook. Incorporated in 2003, Sanuk Games is licensed on all consoles. Its core business is work-for-hire, and its past and present clients include Atari, Avanquest, Bigben, Eidos, Mindscape, Ubisoft. Since 2009, Sanuk Games also entered the business of digital publishing on Sony and Nintendo platforms.

Contact: Yan Marchal, managing director.

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