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Team Bondi's PS3 exclusive gets a name

The Sydney-based development studio set up by The Getaway creator Brendan McNamara and some of his former team from SCEE's Soho studio has revealed its first title - a PS3 exclusive detective thriller called L.A Noire.

Team Bondi, as the studio is known, is now preparing to ramp up in size now that the title has gone into full production - and will be moving to a new facility in the coming months with capacity for up to 100 staff.

Little more is known about L.A. Noire, but until now all we'd known about Team Bondi's activities is that they were one of the first Sony studios to start doing work on third-generation PlayStation technology.

McNamara founded Team Bondi in mid-2003, although the existence of the studio wasn't formally announced until the start of 2004. The studio has an exclusive publishing deal with SCEA.


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