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Team 17 unlikely to develop further Cube titles

UK developer Team 17 has ended development for the GameCube console, stating that publishers "aren't interested" in a Cube version of the title the company is working on at the moment.

The announcement came via Team 17's internet forums, where studio director Martyn Brown told fans that Worms 3D was certain to be the last GameCube game to be created by the developer.

"There's no discrimination, just that there isn't too much retail backing, which is what makes publishers nervous [and] stops them making agreements to develop GC games," he explained in a post on the forum. "I'm certain that Worms 3D is our last GC game since the publishers aren't interested in a Cube version of the other game we have in development."

Team 17 is the latest in a line of developers and publishers to remove the GameCube from their list of target platforms. Last year both Eidos and Acclaim announced that they had no further plans for GameCube development, although both companies then pulled back slightly by saying that they would not rule out working on the platform in future.

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