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Tap Tap Revenge most popular iPhone game

Tapulous title tops list with a potential five million downloads in the US alone

Around 32 per cent of US iPhone users have downloaded Tapulous' music game Tap Tap Revenge, according to a report by comScore, which lists the most popular Apps available for the handheld.

According to the report, 12 out of the top 25 Apps are games, with Touch Hockey: FS5 listed as the second most popular title at 26 per cent, followed by Pac-Man and iBowl at 24 per cent each.

Using data provided by a separate report, which estimates the total US iPhone market to be 15 million users, VentureBeat estimates that Tap Tap Revenge's 32 per cent may translate into nearly 5 million downloads.

The iPhone was named as the most impressive mobile games platform by the The Multimedia Research Company, with 71 per cent of an expert panel voting it the most successful development platform.

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