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iPhone "most successful" mobile games OS

But TMRC Expert Panel expects Google's Android to "make substantial advances"

A new survey from The Multimedia Research Company (TMRC) has identified the Apple iPhone as the platform that most impresses the mobile games industry, with 71 per cent of an expert panel labelling it the most successful development platform or operating system.

The panel, made up of 147 senior mobile industry executives from 136 companies in the sector, also believed that the iPhone would strengthen its position in the marketplace - although Google's Android platform is tipped to "make substantial advances in the market place over the next two years."

"We have long observed that the mobile games industry has not been short on individuals prepared to give their views on the wide range of issues challenging this space, either online, in print or at conferences," said TMRC MD Vic Whiting on the results of the inaugural survey.

"Well, the Mobile Games Industry Experts Panel is now able to give these opinions statistical solidity and reliability by measuring the industry sentiment of a large number of experts."

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