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Tantalus Announces Trick Star for GBA

Tantalus Interactive is happy to announce that it has entered into a publishing and distribution agreement with Oxygen Interactive's Liquid Games label to release Trick Star on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance platform. Tantalus is one of the world's foremost handheld game developers, having recently shipped the award winning MX vs ATV: On the Edge on PlayStation Portable. Tantalus has also developed seven titles for GBA, including the highly acclaimed Top Gear Rally, published by Nintendo in 2003.

Trick Star is an extreme, futuristic racer, built around the fantastical sport of Trick Star Racing. Competitors chose from a variety of tricked-out, one-wheeled stunt bikes on which they race and perform an array of crafty tricks and maneuvers. The game features a 3D bike and rider with real-time animation and a fully configurable stunt system that allows over 40 uniquely animated stunts to be linked together.

Tantalus CEO Tom Crago says that Trick Star looks set to be one of the most impressive racing games ever to grace the GBA. "With Top Gear Rally we set a new benchmark in terms of graphics and gameplay. We have pushed the boundaries even further still with Trick Star, and created an entirely original game style and a title that is just packed with features. There really is nothing like this on the GBA."

"Tantalus have delivered a lovely title here, and it's a great addition to the range," Liquid Games' Kevin Hassall confirmed. "It has been a pleasure working with Tantalus, and we're confident that Trick Star, which manages to be immediately accessible and wonderfully innovative, will provide an engrossing experience for our consumers."

Trick Star continues the Tantalus tradition of bringing to market original titles based upon the company's own intellectual property. For more information, including screenshots and movies, check out the official Trick Star website at

Trick Star will ship in Summer 2006. For further enquiries contact Tantalus CEO Tom Crago.

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