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Casual action shooter with "cute tanks" (if you can imagine that).

'TankyON', a casual action shooting game developed by DG Entertainment Co. Ltd., somewhat resembles 'Fortress 2', a greatly popular game in the early 90s. The two games have a commonality in that they share cutely designed tanks and the artillery shooting features of each tank.

Yet, the two games are played in a completely different fashion. If 'Fortress 2' was a static game focusing on shooting through calculation, 'TankyON' focuses more on action as a casual shooting game popularly developed in the late 2000s.

The tanks appearing in the game possess three attributes of durability, attack power and mobility. The users can choose from an array of 15 tanks with respective attributes and designs according to their own taste. The users can also attach a diversity of items with special skills to create their own unique tanks.

The game methods are competition mode, capture-the-flag mode and strategy mode, where up to 8 players can participate simultaneously. The competition mode is where users compete in two teams, and the capture-the-flag mode is about capturing the flag of the opponent team and sticking the flag on one's own territory to win. The strategy mode allows the users to experience combat situations utilizing various infrastructures that strengthen offense and defense.

Since the game focuses on the word 'casual', the battle commands are also simplified to allow the users to purely focus on the action shooting. The movement direction of the tank and the turret can be separately controlled to attack enemies to the rear, which enables the diversity of action to add to the entertainment.

'TankyON' has received favorable reviews from users on its 4 th closed beta test (CBT) in the end of November. DG Entertainment Co. Ltd. is currently focusing on increasing the game's level of completeness based on the result of the latest test.

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