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Tanki Online 2.0

'First fully 3D multiplayer action game for social networks'.

Russia, Perm, July 1, 2010 ? Alternativa company announces the first fully 3D multiplayer action for social networks «Tanki Online 2.0»

«Tanki Online 2.0» is an evolution of browser online 3D-action «Tanki Online» based on Flash and created on the proprietory engine Alternativa3D. This new project will vividly show what the real social game is.

Users are offered unprecedented level of interaction. They fight in enormous tank battles in real time and act as the only participants of the action. Nothing happens without them, the game doesn't play itself. All of this gives colossal freedom for communication and tactical cooperation on battlefield. Socialization is the name of the game!

You can besiege the enemy, use tricky maneuvers, hide tank in bushes and in the shadow, make an ambush on the bridges and throw fire from high point. «Tanki Online 2.0» is a place for real friendship and furious challenge. It is easy to invite your friends in the game from different social networks (i.e. My.Mail.Ru, Vkontakte and Facebook). You need only a few seconds to start simultaneous battle.

Graphics quality of «Tanki Online 2.0» is close to modern 3D-actions but unlike them «Tanki Online 2.0» can be launched extremely fast on any PC, notebook or netbook. It is really breathtaking spectacular game with furious battles and social interaction.

Users which already got the smell of powder in original «Tanki Online» will also find a lot of new features in version 2.0. There is new achievements system in the game. Improved interface looks stylish and modern. Battles provide new special effects. Heavy track layers are animated, camera shaking effect is added and lighting system is heavily amended.

«Tanki Online 2.0 is a result of years-long work and complex research of consolidated team of talented professionals. We are not creating yet another social game but acting as experimentalists and pioneers. It is great honor but also great responsibility», - Alternativa CEO Alexander Karpovich commented.

The game is in the closed beta-test at the moment. You can see the video. «Tanki Online 2.0» with its breathtaking tank battles on 3D arenas will go public this fall.


3D gaming in social networks

«Tanki Online 2.0» is the first online 3D action game which can be simultaneously played from different social networks and website. Battles with beautifully animated tanks provide spectacular special effects you could only dream to see in browser game.

New level of interaction

Players fight each other in real time. Earnest battles set the world on fire here and now! Communication and cooperation make «Tanki Online 2.0» really social game.

Easy to learn, difficult to master

Even a child can drive heavy war machine. You need only five keys to control your tank. But every player chooses his own tactics. You can construct war machine for any fighting style with huge collection of different guns and hulls. Convenient training mode created specially for version 2.0 will help newcomers learn the basics in no time.

Entertainment and communication

Every player has personal profile and friend list. You can send messages and lovely gifts to you friends. Users can also form clans and quickly find each other in the battles.

Karma system

Your reputation depends on your behavior. You can earn fame or distinguish yourself as a bad guy.

It launches everywhere

«Tanki Online 2.0» can be launched in a few seconds on any PC, notebook or netbook with Internet connection.

About Alternativa company

Alternativa company creates and supports innovative technologies for browser MMOG developers. Its first in-house game is browser online 3D-action «Tanki Online» built on proprietory engine Alternativa3D.

Visit for more info.

About «Tanki Online»

«Tanki Online» is the first in the world online 3D action game based on Flash. It has got a lot of prestigious awards including Site of the Day of Favourite Website Awards, The Best Game without Publisher and The Best Technology at KRI 2009. Besides it won Technical Achievement nomination of Russian Flash Awards 2009. Hundreds of thousands players from Russia, CIS, USA and Europe have already fell in love in «Tanki Online» and the game will be launched in China soon.

You can play «Tanki Online» absolutely free at .

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