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Tank Beat™ rolls into stores on the Nintendo DS™

The first mechanized tank shooter on the Nintendo DSTM launches today


SANTA CLARA, CA, May 24th, 2007 - O3 Entertainment today announced that Tank Beat, for the Nintendo DS TM , has shipped to retail outlets across North America. Tank Beat is a touch based mechanized battle game that takes players through each fight in a variety of tanks and armored vehicles. Playable in single or multi player modes, the game features armored, airborne, and sea opponents in forest, winter, and urban terrains.

Developed by Milestone Inc., Tank Beat is entirely stylus-based. As you draw tracks and fire on the DS's bottom screen game map, your tank appears and responds on the top screen. "Tank Beat is an armored enthusiast's dream," said Mike Pepe, Product Manager O3 Entertainment. "With a full arsenal of tanks to choose from it is critical to pick the right tank for each battle. Tank Beat is very balanced in that each tank has a weakness that can and does get exploited by other vehicles in the game."

The Single Player Story mode revolves around tank commander, Vill Katjue. Freshly minted from the academy, Katjue is thrown into battle after his country is invaded and occupied by an aggressive neighbor. Players will have to link up with resistance tank platoons and take the battle back to the invaders. Mission objectives feature capturing assets, destroying military units or fortifications, protecting civilian allies, and more. Players are also given command and control of allied vehicles throughout the campaign to aid in the country's reclamation. Successful missions yield unlocked tanks and armored vehicles players can use in future missions or in multiplayer Battle Mode.

Skirmish and multiplayer modes take the action further. Skirmish mode allows players to practice on any of the maps and tanks that were unlocked in Story Mode plus unlock additional tanks on three exclusive stages. Multiplayer mode is a free-for-all which pitches up to 4 players against each other in either wireless head to head action or via the Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection. For more information visit:


Single player More than 20 unlockable tanks to choose from 27 level single player story campaign 30 levels of skirmish Command allied tanks throughout your missions 2-4 person Multi Player Action Head to head wireless and Nintendo Wi-Fi play Single Cart Play on wireless About Milestone Inc.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Milestone Inc. is a development team dedicated to designing unique, creative, and original games. Originally a shooter based development team, Milestone has evolved into a studio that creates action, puzzle, and brain-training games. For more information visit:

About O3

O3 Entertainment is an interactive publishing and distribution company established to bring to the retail marketplace dynamic videogames from independent studios located all over the world. The company was founded by a group of highly-experienced game industry veterans. O3 Entertainment is based in Santa Clara, California. For more information visit


Mike Pepe

O3 Entertainment

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