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Talking Gina the Giraffe

Why the long neck?

Palo Alto, CA -- February 21, 2011 -- Outfit7, the mobile toy developer behind the hugely popular Talking Friends collection of apps, announces the iOS release of their latest addition, Talking Gina the Giraffe. Outfit7’s ninth talking character represents a pivotal step forward for the genre with the implementation of a character mood engine, making Talking Gina the company’s most intelligent and advanced character to-date. Talking Gina the Giraffe comes equipped with a numerical happiness meter that is solely influenced by a user’s relationship with the character. Frequent check-ins for play dates, tender interaction with Talking Gina, and sharing the right treat at the right time, all work to maintain and improve the gentle giraffe’s level of happiness.

Along with showing Talking Gina attention and affection, 32 levels of reflex-building Patty Cake will also keep her smiling. The introduction of the original, patent-pending mini-game offers a fun new way to enjoy time spent with the character. For the first time, users can play games directly with Talking Gina thereby strengthening a user's bond with the character. The app also features a collection of virtual goodies including strawberries, ice cream, carrots, and lemonade that will keep Talking Gina absolutely delighted. In-app achievements and unlockables, earned at various happiness levels, include a funny alternate voice made possible by a helium balloon, extra kisses and the chance to add a new baby giraffe to the family!

“Talking Gina represents an advancement into where mobile toys, and toys in general, are headed. By making Gina, more intelligent, more active, and more responsive, we’re giving users the opportunity to connect with our characters on a much deeper level,” says Andrej Nabergoj, Outfit7’s CEO. “Never before has one of our characters had this much personality. Talking Gina creates special relationships with users that are unique and wholly dependent on an individual’s interaction with her, thus forging connections that are both personal and real.”

Outfit7’s Talking Friends collection, which features characters that respond to touches, pokes and swipes with different actions and repeat what users say in their unique Talking Friends character voice, has surpassed 60 million total downloads in just over six months.

Promotional codes for review purposes are available upon request for other paid apps from Outfit7 for iPhone and iPad.

The iPhone version of Talking Gina the Giraffe is available for free on the iTunes App Store or at:


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About Outfit7:

With over 60 million downloads since its launch in July, Outfit7 is the world’s leading creator of mobile toys. Outfit7 is committed to creating fun and inspiring characters and bringing them to life on mobile touch screens. Outfit7 is based in Palo Alto, CA.


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