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Tales Runner

Chapter 3: Harvest Your Dreams arrives, farming system and all. Ooh-arr.


[Sunnyvale, CA—June 18, 2009] –Tales Runner will launch Chapter 3 on June 18th! Tales Runner is a fast, fun, free to play MMO action adventure game that gives you the chance to compete or cooperate with your friends and gives you tons of customization options for your character and now your very own island farm!

The release of Tales Runner Chapter 3: Harvest Your Dreams on June 17th marks the arrival of the much anticipated Farm System. The Farm system gives each player a customizable island farm where they can grow trees, raise rideable animals, and invite their friends to hang out!

A strong community is a key part in any great MMO. The Farm System promotes community ties by allowing players to fully express themselves and share their creation with everyone. Players are not limited to experiencing just their own farms or even their friends' farms, but can also explore public farms.

Visually the Farm is a masterpiece, with a huge variety of visual styles to choose. You can choose anything from a vibrant spring paradise to a serene winter wonderland and even a haunted Halloween theme. With all these choices your farm can have exactly the style you're looking for.

The flexibility and creativity involved with the Farm System offers players more chances to meet and befriend other players. This game continually surprises us with each new chapter by displaying more innovative and interesting concepts. With the close of Chapter 2 (The Alchemist) and the beginning of Chapter 3 (Harvest Your Dreams), Tales Runner is definitely a game that will develop into something special due to its ingenious approach towards gaming.

To celebrate the release of Chapter 3: Harvest Your Dreams, Tales Runner has a special, limited time promotion. They want everyone to experience the new farm system, so they're making the farm and farm items completely FREE to try! This offer is only good from June 17th to July 15th. A free farm and the unlimited farm items that will be yours to keep after the event... Come experience the fun and excitement of decorating your fantasy island for free. Build your paradise now!

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