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Tales of Pirates

Server transfer service on the way.

The officials at Tales of Pirates ( http://top.igg.com) have announced that they will be launching the Server Transfer Service through which players will have a choice of which gaming server they’d like to use and still be able to keep their character’s level and gear at the same time.

This service will be provided for players wishing to transfer from Azure server to Moonlight server. The Azure to Moonlight Transfer Application will be available in both the Item Mall and the Award Center. Players from the Azure Server who want to transfer their characters to the Moonlight Server can buy the card for transfer. The price of the application will be announced at a later date.

Players wishing to transfer servers will also be reviewed by official before the transfer. Transferring to Moonlight Server after buying the Azure to Moonlight Transfer Application does not guarantee a transfer. Transfers don’t have any level requirements, but are prohibited to those who have applied but have a bad record. However should your application prove unsuccessful, the full cost of the application will be reimbursed.

For more details please visit their official website: http://top.igg.com/info.php?articleId=1465.


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