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Tales of Pirates

Major overhaul of the game's servers taking place.

With the success of the Bounty Hunter and PvP map, the Tale of Pirates ( servers have been putting in some extra work and it’s time to head into port for a major overhaul that will restructure the servers for better overall performance and stability.

The first step in the overhaul process is the merger of Penguin Isle and Mist Isle servers. The merger took place at 3:00am on August 10th EDT (GMT-4). Players on those servers don’t need to worry about staying up late because the ToP officials have stated that no player info will be affected by the merger. After the merger, players will be able to enjoy a more stable and active environment for all sorts of pirate fun!

The second step in the process is the launch of a brand new server at 2:00pm on August 19th EDT (GMT-4). This new server will be known by the mysteriously fanciful name, Eclipse Isle. For players having a hard time or not feeling comfortable in their server, remember, a new server always means a new start! Along with the debut of the new server, the ToP officials have said they will be offering 3 fun filled events featuring big prizes to start things off right! In the Leveling Contest, players will be competing to win the powerful Azreal Set, tons of EXP from the Multiple Exp event and enough Sand Bag monsters to hold back a river! So come join the fun with ToP and IGG!!

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