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Tales of Pirates

How to - should you so desire - get married and give birth to a Fairy baby.

In Tales of Pirates ( the pretty fairies not only accompany the players during their journeys, but also help when they have to fight. Also, players can level up their guardian fairy to enhance their own stats. A marriage between players will give birth to a Fairy baby which is more beautiful and has more advanced skills.

Each fairy has 5 basic attributes, including Strength, Agility, Spirit, Constitution and Accuracy. Players can choose the specified pet feed to raise their fairy according to their class type. The fairy will grow up gradually after having the pet feed and leveling-up fruits. Players can consider having their fairies married when they reaches Level 20.

Fairies getting married need to meet the following requirement: 1. Must be Level 20+, and in the state of full Stamina. 2. Must have a certain amount of gold. 3. Must have a Demonic Fruit. If their fairies meet the above condition, players can go to talk with the NPC Langa (852, 3549) at Shaitan City along with the marrying fairies. After that player should draw the Demonic Fruit and the fairies into the dialogue page, reserve the required tools in the player’s bag, and hand over the marriage fee. After that, they will have a new generation of fairy. The junior pet fairy will have stronger skills than its parent fairies, like Self Destruct skill and Possession skill. A junior pet fairy would be a big help for players in near future.

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