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Tales of Pirates: Halloween Activities

Grab free iPod Touch, keep eyes on Triple Surprise event ( http://top.igg.com/triple). With the coming of Halloween 2007, IGG would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the exciting festival with all ToP ( http://top.igg.com/) players. Once the three main cities are lit by the jack o' lanterns light, all the pirates will be out celebrating the festival. During Halloween, Tales of Pirates will provide all players with lots of interesting events, fabulous items. View the details as below:

Halloween In-Game Events

Activity A:

Monsters and Mooncakes

During the activity time, players can obtain MoonCakes by defeating relevant monsters. After eating the special cakes, players will be able to gain quite a number of Exp instantly

Activity B

Halloween Lantern

During the event time, after eating the Super Candy Stick, players will get a Bamboo Stick. Bring the Bamboo Stick, Red Pager and Strange Candle to Granny - Beldi (2277, 2769) at Argent City for a Lantern (+50 defenses)

Halloween Item Mall Sales Promotion


Every TOP player will get 10 item mall points from the system. All players are then able to buy a mask from the mall because the price of the Snowdoll Mask, Pumpkin Mask and Deathsoul Mask will be decreased to 7 points respectively

Halloween Forum Activities


Halloween Screenshot Contest

The TOP forum will hold a screenshot contest. The theme of the contest is Halloween, and the winners will be awarded item mall points

For more details please view here: http://top.igg.com/atc/halloween/.

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