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Tales of Pirates

Christmas Carnival to be staged for "warmhearted players".

The Christmas is quickly approaching as well as the coming of New Year, so Tales of Pirates ( will be providing a grand Christmas Carnival to give something back to their warmhearted players.

Event I: Daily Christmas Fun

Marriam, the Innkeeper in Argent City, has a flourishing business during the holiday season. She is busy preparing gifts for guests, but she is all alone in the inn. Players who can help her to collect the required materials will obtain generous rewards, 100,000 gold and 2 Level 3 Sand Bags!

Event II: Summoning Santa

This being season of giving, Wynne at Icicle Castle has kept herself busy delivering Christmas presents for Santa Claus, but she’s been so busy that she forgot to set one aside for herself. She is a girl as kind as Santa Claus who always brings us joy and happiness. Players, who want to help her, can go to find Wynne at Icicle Castle and take the quest. You will obtain 8000 EXP and a Santa Clause summoning scroll as rewards.

Event III: Christmas Wishing Tree

It is said that Adam and Eve erected a beautiful tree in the Eden long time ago. The tree has a magic that when kind people make a wish under the tree, their wishes may come true. It only appears at Christmas holiday every year. If you come across the magic tree, don’t miss your chance to make a wish for yourself!

Players can buy the Christmas Greeting Card in the Item Mall and go to find NPC at Deep Blue (1220, 550) to take the quest. Click the Christmas tree to send out the wishes in the system announcements, also they will see the Xmas Carnival Fireworks above the tree. Players who are Level 40+ will also have a chance to choose one wish from among the wish list.

For more details about the events, please visit the official site

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