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Tales of Pirates

By the power of Grayskull, it's the Skeletar Isle.

In Tales of Pirates (, the ghastly Skeletar Isle is deep and dark, and is rumored to be the pirates’ Treasure warehouse. It is a dangerous place to be, but this has never discouraged thieves and others from attempting to raid the massive stores of treasure hidden within its depths. You can see the debris from broken and rotten treasure chests scattered all along the Isle. If you can brave the dark labyrinth, then you will face the feared treasure guardian monster Barborosa. If you have enough courage, and want to test your limits, you will have chance to win both honor and a huge fortune. The BOSS waiting for you here is definitely powerful and knows that you come seeking his treasure. Players who want to challenge him must be Level 40+ and are advised to go in a team.

1. Treasure Hunting

There are Treasure Chests scattered here and there all over Skeletar Isle. You can’t imagine what surprises you will find after opening the chests. Some of them contain valuable treasure, but some hide evil curses. If players open a cursed chest, they will find they’ve taken on various surprising effects that are not easily removed. If you really want to find fortune, challenge the monsters and the BOSS Barborosa, they drop all kinds of fantastic treasure.

2. Challenging the Kraken and Barborosa

The monsters on the island are almost all high level, like the Skeletar Pirate - Tutu (Level 80), Skeletar Pirate – Lala(Level 75), and Skeletar Pirate – Kaka (Level 75). When you see a treasure chest, you are supposed to have a fierce fight with the treasure guardian monster --- Barborosa, who is a monstrous Level 85. If you defeat Barborosa, get the treasure and think there are no more powerful monsters to fight, you would be wrong…dead wrong. The most powerful BOSS on Skeletar Isle is certainly the fabled Kraken, which can shoot water arrows, and discharge Lightning Curtains. Challenging this monster is no small feat, but the rewards are as good as the Kraken is ugly. Angelic Dice, the Poseidon Framestone, the Poseidon Clawstone and much more await those that succeed in challenging it.

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