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Tales of Pirates

Belated news of some Christmas events.

With the end of the Christmas season in sight, Tales of Pirates ( ) continues to hold lots of events for their players. In addition to the 3 program events , there are still several to look forward too.

Ever stripped away the wrapping paper to reveal something less exciting than you expected? Holiday gifts that don’t meet with expectations are nothing new, but now you can do something about it. Join us in the Christmas event and win the rewards you want.

Event I: Christmas Ceremony of Drawing Lots

Event Duration: During the Christmas holiday

Event Rules

1. GMs will post a riddle for players in the World Channel.

2. Players can submit the answer in the World Channel to join the event. The one with the right answer will be teleported to the GM’s.

3. The player will obtain a gift from the GM after arriving. The player will then have a choice, whether to trade a Christmas Greeting Card to draw lots with the GM.

4. If the player wants to do the trade, they can participate in drawing lots.

5. The GM will then open a Level 55 Chest of Enigma. The entrant should guess what is in the chest before it is opened. Players can guess from among a weapon, arm wear, feet wear, and armor. If the player guesses correctly they will obtain the item from the chest. The GM will announce the winner’s name through the system notice and send out Christmas wishes.

Event II: Island Prison Fighting--- National Treasure!

Event Duration: From December 22nd to December 25th EST (GMT-5)

Event Rules

1. A GM will appear at Spring Island after the start of the event. Players can go to find the GM to register.

2. The GM will then teleport the entrants to the Island Prison after registration.

3. After arriving at the event location players should wait in the safe area for the GM’s instructions.

4. The GM will announce the start of competition after notifying everyone of their location through the system announcements. All entrants should set out to find the GM. Entrants will be confronted with senior monsters along the way, but they should escape from the attack and get to the GM’s location as quickly as possible.

5. PVP is allowed on the way to the destination.

6. The GM will set a stall at the destination. The winner is the first one to arrive at the GM. The winner can then buy a Chaos Chest at the shocking price of 1 gold.

7. The GM will also give away the Entry Prize to entrants after the competition.

Included in the special events, are the brand-new Island Prison map that will soon be launched for all players to enjoy. Also, there is fantastic new apparel set available just in time for Christmas!

For more Christmas events and Tales of Pirates info, please visit their official website: .

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