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Tales of Pirates

All-server Championship Tournament planned.

A successful pirate is not one who sits around all day waiting for events and monsters to come to him. No, he is the one who grabs life by the scruff of its neck and goes off looking for adventure and constantly searches for rare items or equipment that will make him stronger and more powerful. Usually these grizzled pirates are content to stay on the busy servers that are populated by other tough, cruel pirates. Now Tales of Pirates ( team have announced that they will soon be holding an all-server Championship Tournament offering them a stage to show us who should be crowned Pirate King in our special Battlefield server.

This event is open to all Dream Islands players who want to challenge their new friends without the risk of any loss due to a server merger or players who want to experience the trans-server Battlefield for free. If you are want to win some truly awesome gear or to see shiny new gems available at surprisingly low prices, you also come join in this event.


Battlefield, Mystic Ocean

Event Time

Start April, 22nd. Each round will last for 7 days with a total of 7 rounds.


Each contest will feature abundant rewards for the winners, with the rewards getting more and more fabulous as the player moves on to successive rounds. The luckiest winners in the final championship round will even get to compete for some super amazing prizes including Kylin Equipment and many other great items.


The 8 servers of the Dream Islands Region will be divided into 4 groups and from there will fight against each other in a knockout style battle. During the event, all character data will be copied onto the Battlefield server, so the character data in the original server will not be affected, and players can in fact login to both servers during the event period.

In addition to the formal event, the GMs will randomly appear on the Battlefields, during the event period, to hold small games, providing the winners of these events with lots of fun items. Also TOP Journalists will be covering the action and giving live reports and MVP selections.

For more details about TOP events, visit their official website:

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