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Tales of Pirates

A look at Chinatown's Spring Island.

The folks at Tales of Pirates ( have lots of legends about magical Chinatown, which has classical Chinese architecture, gorgeous Tang Suits, and numerous different kinds of creatures known as, Spring Town. It is located on Deep Blue Islands and has 3 islands with different features, like Spring Island, Summer Island and Autumn Island. Today we will first talk about Spring Island.

As one of the biggest islands on Deep Blue, Spring Island is named because it’s always springtime here, no matter how the sun and moon move. The gorgeous trees, grass, streams, flowers and birds you will see, are evident everywhere on the island. When you land here, you should take care of the language barrier by completing the Language quest before communicating with the local people.

Language Barrier Quest Description:

Go find Granny Beldi at Argent City (2274, 2771). She will tell you to eat a medicine called Panacea which solves the language barrier, and Bar Waitress – Babara find out more about it.

Go find Waitress – Babara at Icicle Castle(1310,528)for the Panacea recipe. She will ask you to pay 100,000 gold for it because it is very useful.

Double click the Panacea recipe after obtaining it. You will see the stuff you need to collect to make the medicine including Fascia Fish Bone, Thick Fish Bone, Rotten Fish Bone and Shining Sea Jelly Skin.

Hand over what’s required to Master Kerra at Icespire Haven (2665, 652) after collecting all the stuff, and then you can talk freely with the Spring Island NPCs.

After finishing the Language quest you can record Spring Town as a new Spawn Point. Next we will take a glance at the monsters on Spring Island. There are mainly Level 60 Taoists and Level 65 Fox Spirits on the island. The Taoists are huge damage dealers while the Fox Spirit uses the Fascinate spell to stun your character and then release attacks. For the Fox Spirit, seal him before it can cast Fascinate, making victory much easier. If you can defeat the Taoist, it will drop magical chests.

For more details about the Chinatown of Tales of Pirates, please visit their official website:

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