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Tales of Fantasy

Somehow tied in with the World Cup.

The World Cup fever’s up a notch with the remaining 8 countries vying for top 4 spots in the passionate land of South Africa. Well, we ’re not losing out in Tales of Fantasy, for here comes our very own World Cup fiesta!

Instead of football jerseys, our players will be wearing all manners of fantastic looking armor; and instead of trying to score goals, our players will be swinging their blades to vie for the glory of being hailed as the strongest class in Tales of Fantasy! Without further ado, the details!

Gladiator VS Druid

(Germany VS Argentina)

Gladiator (Germany)

The Gladiator is a well-rounded and sure-footed class of warriors that contradicts yet compliments the playing style of an impregnable Sentinel. They may seem slow to action, but in actual fact, they are studying your movements and waiting for an opening. And once they see it, the ferocity and speed which they strike with is often lethal. Just like how the Germans have been doing it on the soccer field! A seemingly unimpressive lineup creates the illusion of an easy pushover, but beneath this cover, they lie in wait for opportunity to present itself. Quick to spot an opening and grabbing every chance they get, the volleys of attacks they make quickly seal an opponent’s doom. Blitzkrieg!

Druid (Argentina)

A Druid is flexible, and can adopt the litheness of an Assassin, or take on the power of an Archmage to unleash nature’s wrath upon enemies. Having the best of both worlds, one never knows what s/he is facing from one moment to the next, making them truly fearsome on the battlefield, for it is never easy to fight an enemy that constantly changes form, like the wind. Just like how Argentina has presented itself this year in the World Cup, with versatile and deadly midfield abilities. Quick to adopt a defensive stance on incoming threat and equally nimble on catching up on an opportunity to attack, opponents are often caught unaware.


It would definitely be a test of endurance between these 2 forces in a PK matchup. The Gladiator will attempt to assume control over the pace of the game, drawing it out to tire the opponent, and once the opposition shows signs of fatigue, heavy, even fatal blows will be dealt to permanently cripple the opponent, making a comeback almost impossible. The Druid, on the other hand, will likely be seen to put pressure on the opponent early on, catching him/her off guard with a myriad of unexpected attacks, preferring to end the match before things get messy later on. Agile and aggressive on attacks while being firm and well-rounded on defense, the Druid is set to give the opponent more than what h/she can handle early on, gaining the upper hand with ease.

Tales of Fantasy – World Cup 2010 Version will definitely see the same intensity and challenge as its soccer counterpart, if not more – nail-biting finishes, skipping heart beats, and that same jubilation upon victory – definitely not to be missed, only in Tales of Fantasy!

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