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Tales of Fantasy

Halloween treats on offer.

In Tales of Fantasy, the ToF team gonna be doing plenty of treating this Halloween, and no tricks – promise! All Players have to do to get a treat is simply log in, and shout out loud, “TRICK OR TREAT!”

Additionally, on Halloween weekend, expect server wide 2x EXP and 2x SP! Have a fun and safe time this Halloween!


October 31th 21:30 to 22:00 (EDT time GMT-4)

Rules and Regulations

1.    Our GMs will request for our players to line up in the main cities (Bohren: Jun Ma City; Ashland: Lotus City) to receive their prizes accordingly. Additionally, if you shout out “trick or treat!” in Local chat, you’ll even stand to win an additional prize!

2.    Please remain orderly throughout the event


All participants will receive 2* Curious Candies, 1* 2x EXP Pill, and 1* 2x SP Pill.

Don't miss out on the fun in Tales of Fantasy (, and have a safe Halloween! 

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