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Tales from Space: About a Blob

Free content on the Blob from today.

DrinkBox COO Graham Smith had this to say about the new feature: "The ability to customize the Blob is something we always really wanted to do, but just did not have time to implement for the initial release. I’m excited that we are able to finally get this feature into the hands of players!"

Tales from Space: About a Blob is a side-scrolling action-platformer about alien Blobs that land on an Earth-like planet and begin eating everything around them. The game features local co-op play, puzzles, special Blob powers and a healthy dose of humour. For more information, visit the official game blog at


About DrinkBox Studios:

DrinkBox Studios is an independent Toronto-based video game development studio founded in 2008 by a small group of experienced game developers. DrinkBox develops console games and provides programming, art and design consulting services to game publishers and other development studios. The company strives for a high level of quality and innovation in everything it produces.

DrinkBox Studios Contact:

Graham Smith, COO

DrinkBox Studios Inc.


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