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Take-Two: We won't be distracted by EA bid

Development teams are completely focused on their current projects

The staff at Take-Two, and the various studios, are staying focused on their work and not allowing themselves to be distracted by the white noise of speculation surrounding the ongoing Electronic Arts bid for the company.

That's according to CEO Ben Feder, who told GamesIndustry.biz that he makes sure that his people hear the right message.

"Everybody in the company knows this - because I tell it to them all the time - we will only be distracted if we allow ourselves to be distracted," he explained. "And we won't have that.

"Whatever title they're working, they're working on it - they're making it and getting it out there."

He also pointed out that the company is continuing to put out titles that can make money even after the record-breaking USD 500 million-plus splash that Grand Theft Auto IV made earlier in the year.

"Our strategy is to focus on our titles, make the best games we can and distribute in the best possible ways. Since the situation with EA became public we've launched multiple successful titles including GTA IV.

"Civilization Revolutions is on the shelves doing very well. Carnival Games is doing great. And we have a bunch of games coming out that we're focused on."

The full GamesIndustry.biz interview with Ben Feder is available now.

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