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Witness the invasion as the first trailer for Turning Point™: Fall of Liberty reveals the Nazi assault on the Big Apple

Codemasters today revealed the first footage of the Nazi invasion of New York in the FMV trailer from Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the upcoming alternate-reality World War II FPS. The video is now available to view and download from

Opening with battleships taking New York harbour, planes flying overhead, zeppelins filling the skies and armed paratroopers descending onto the city streets, the FMV is a intense video sure to inspire gamers to revolt and become part of the U.S. resistance. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is scheduled to ship this winter for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® and Games for Windows®.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty explores the consequences of what may happened if, after being struck by a cab in New York in 1931, Winston Churchill had died and wasn't alive to rally the Allied forces and confront Nazi forces during WWII. The game uses this 'what if' scenario to create an alternate history where Europe surrenders to Hitler in 1940 and America is not drawn into the war until the 1953 invasion of the U.S. east coast, as depicted in the trailer.

Bringing a fresh perspective to the WWII genre through an alternate timeline and advanced weaponry, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty will be a very personal battle for gamers. Depicting a Second World War never before imagined, players will fight afresh as a civilian on new battlegrounds.

Taking the role of Dan Carson, a reluctant New York City construction worker who turns freedom fighter, gamers must survive the initial invasion before regrouping with other resistance members to fight back. Always outmanned and outgunned, players must use guerrilla tactics and hand to hand grappling combat as they attempt to stop the world's most notorious war machine.

Developed by U.S. studio Spark Unlimited, no stranger to the WWII shooter genre, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is not another typical WWII game set in the European or Pacific theatres. It's set to deliver an explosive experience in a world where famous locations and landmarks appear startlingly different under Nazi occupation.

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