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Tages proves its efficacy against optical disk pirating and accelerates its US development

TAGESTM copy protection technology prevents piracy of video games, interactive content software. It consists of changing the structure of optical CDs and DVDs by inserting a second spiral which makes them impossible to copy. TAGESTM superiority lies in both this geometric particularity, which stops direct copying absolutely, and in its software tools which use this modification to halt software reverse engineering.

Practically speaking, the double spiral structure of TAGESTM creates a secure zone which cannot be copied. It provides a large data "safe" in which software operating data can be housed. This disk zone is only accessible through TAGESTM, software, which is itself protected. The protected zone of TAGESTM becomes the safest place on the PC for storing data or software.

To make the best use of this unique and exclusive asset, TAGES SA has two compatible products:

  • TAGES API is used to insert protection calls into software source code and to trigger effects programmed purposedly. TAGES API is used to disseminate copy traps in this way.
  • TAGES CAP "encapsulates" the executable components you want to protect in just a few clicks. TAGES CAP extracts the data to be protected from these components and puts them in a secured zone. TAGES CAP goes into action before the game begins.

In its industrial implementation, TAGESTM engenders a process for manufacturing specific stampers. These are produced by the MPO group in Europe and by its new American partner SYNCHRONICITY in North America. TAGES stampers can be duplicated by all disk manufacturers, with no need for a licence.

The production of stampers in the US will allow TAGES to accelerate its commercial development through the TAGES Inc subsidiary which has been set up.

The technology has largely proved its superiority through its compatibility with all CD and DVD drives without exception. It can be used in the video game, interactive content and software industries.

TAGES SA will be at the E3 Multimedia trade fair in Los Angeles from 18 to 20 May 2005.


TAGES SA owns and operates TAGES technology which protects software and interactive content with unrivalled success. The technology is more robust than its competitors with respect to the three types of pirating encountered, which positions it as the leading provider of AAA protection.

About Synchronicity Mastering Services SA

Synchronicity Mastering Services is an independent CD and DVD mastering services provider. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Synchronicity has three laser beam recorders and 18 plating cells. With its ISO 9001-2000 accreditation and capacity to master 180 CD and 96 DVD orders per day, Synchronicity has proven to be leading mastering provider in The Americas.

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