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Tactical Intervention

FPS from Counter-Strike creator Minh Le to begin North American closed beta this month.

Minh Le (a.k.a. Gooseman) has been adored by many users for his talented work on such titles as Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat:Source, and is currently developing a MMOFPS entitled Tactical Intervention. After leaving Valve, Le has worked furiously on this project and met Inho Choi, CEO of FIX Korea, finishing off 6 years of development.

Counter-Strike, commonly known as CS, was created when Le was still at the university, spending 20 hours a week and polishing it for more than a year, with Cliffe. It’s been anticipated that this evolved FPS game Tactical Intervention will continue the phenomenon his first success game CS brought. Tactical Intervention is the perfection Le craved for CS, and now, is ready to be shared with the world in 11 years since CS.

Tactical Intervention brings a new concept to a standard FPS game, putting the players in challenging scenarios that emphasize teamwork and thinking as well as lightning fast reflexes. The game promotes reality through motion capture-like animation and photo-realistic environments, a step-up from the original Counter-Strike.

Tactical Intervention is a game of team-play, where the proper use of dogs, helicopters, cars, and environments can give teams an advantage over their adversaries. These new elements create a dynamic environment that gives each round a unique feel and challenges the players to always be aware of his surroundings.

FIX Korea is opening the first website on May 10, and is planning closed beta in May-June. Mayn Interactive, the Europe-region publisher, is also planning similar dates for the testing.

Fans in North America will be able to catch up with Minh Le (a.k.a. Gooseman) thru the website opening on May 10 @, where fans will have official channel to talk to Minh directly to share their desire and view of the game to build strong community. Videos and wallpapers for i-Phone are to be made available for downloading also.

Fans in Europe will be able to enter an event for beta key thru that was opened in March this year.

The most anticipated FPS game, a creation of Minh Le (a.k.a. Gooseman) is coming soon, one-click away.

Experience the new world of FPS in Tactical Intervention.

New Challenge, Evolved FPS - TI


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