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Tactical Intervention

First-person shooter enters closed beta phase in North America.

The Close BETA Site for a brand new FPS game, Tactical Intervention has opened on May 14th. Developed by a Korean based team led by Minh Le (lead developer of Counter-Strike), Tactical Intervention (TI) thrusts players back into the world of Terrorism. Register now for your chance to enter in the closed beta at www.tactical-interventon.com. Twitter and Facebook are also available for North American users to communicate with Minh Le.

Tactical Intervention puts more importance on team play rather as opposed to individual skill with the introduction of new features which reward players for working together as a team. In addition to its emphasis on teamplay, TI, features dynamic environments which the player can interact which can have a dramatic affect on gameplay. In addition to a more dynamic environment, TI features NPC such as civilians and dogs. Each of these elements add a dynamic to the gameplay which will challenge players in ways other multiplayer FPS have not.

The levels in Tactical Intervention are based in urban settings and range from tight close quarters environments to larger settings. The player will constantly be challenged to adapt his playing style to accommodate for each of the unique settings. The weapons in TI are based on real world weapons and can be modified with various accessories to suit a particular player's style of play. The visual and aural aspects of each weapon are satisfyingly brought to life with Minh's perverse enthusiasm for modern weaponry.

Tactical Intervention is using the latest version of Valve Software's renowned Source engine. Numerous modifications were made to accommodate for the enhanced special f/x features found in TI, which give players a truly visceral and realistic experience. Various network optimizations were also done in order to provide a smooth gameplay with a large number of dynamic entities in play.

Currently, FIXKorea is recruiting Beta testers to help evaluate and provide feedback on the ongoing development of Tactical Intervention. CBT will occur at the end of May and will be ongoing throughout the summer. Currently, the CBT, is only available for North American users. Beta Keys will be handed out to registrants from official website ( www.tactical-interventon.com) Register soon for a chance to win prizes and promotions.

Tactical Intervention Closed Beta Test



The most anticipated FPS game, a creation of Minh Le (aka Gooseman) is coming soon, one-click away.

Experience the new world of FPS in Tactical Intervention.

New challenge, evolved FPS – TI

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