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T-72 Balkans on Fire! v1.3 - New Demo released!


A new updated game demo for T-72 Balkans on Fire! has just been released, including all the changes and fixes of the new v1.3 patch as well as an all new exciting demo mission.

The demo is 171 megs in size and contains three playable missions. Two training missions with the T-72B and one exciting combat mission where the player commands a T-55A tank. Additionally, the in-game 3D Encyclopedia allows you to explore all the units featured in the full game. This demo is based on the all new v1.3 version of the game and includes all the updated features and fixes from the patch.

List of v1.3 Fixes/changes
  • Fixed lockups/freezes that some people reported
  • Added configuration program option to reverse joystick Y Axis for gunner and commander view
  • Added configuration program option to mute external soldier voices
  • Improved functionality of 'Dual Mode'
  • Improved text orientation in Map Mode
  • Improved playback rate of voice commands
  • Various corrections in briefing/message text

T-72: Balkans on Fire! is a groundbreaking new tank simulation by Russian game developers IDDK/Crazy House and published by Battlefront.com.

Set in the violent period of Yugoslavian civil wars from 1991 to 1995, the player, as a fictional Russian volunteer tank commander, is put right into the turret of three of the best tanks the Russians ever built - the T-72B, the T-55A and the T-34/85.

T-72 Balkans on Fire! uses a powerful and stunning 3D environmental and physics engine to produce state of the art effects and realism. Below is a list of some of what awaits you inside!

-Three types of playable tanks modeled: T-34-85, T-55A and T-72B

-Control individual crew stations (Commander, gunner or driver)

-Wide variety of armored vehicles included as well as infantry, artillery, engineering vehicles, helicopters and trucks

-18 campaign missions, 2 training missions, 5 single player missions and 3 multiplayer (LAN) missions

-Command attached units (infantry and armor) up to a full tank platoon

-Mechanized infantry can be transported inside trucks and APCs and on tank hulls

-Detailed modeling of each vehicle's fire control systems, main and secondary weapons, ammunition types, engine management and transmissions, starting and driving procedures

-Realistic night vision combat capabilities - realistically modeled low light level and infrared sights

-More than 70 types of buildings and installations that can be damaged or destroyed

-Over 40 types of plants, trees and grass sway in the breeze

-High-quality modeling of water surfaces and amphibious vehicle capabilities

-5000+ polygons per vehicle including detailed bump mapping

-Scalable realism settings

-Powerful mission, map and structure editor available

-Local Area Network (LAN) multiplayer capable

Advanced Physics and Environmental Game Engine

-Vast open spaces with draw distances of more than 2 km

-Topographic height differences on maps of up to 800 m

-Realistic passage of time transitions (day changes to night)

-Dynamic weather and environmental effects: smoke, fog, rain, rainbows, dust, wind effects

-Deformable terrain - shell holes and trenches dug out in real time

-Destroyable structures, vehicles and vegetation

-Clouds cast shadows

-Optical lens flares and sun glare effects

-Realistic ballistics - wind effects, shell aerodynamics and flight characteristics, barrel wear and droop

-Shell impact angle calculations

-Detailed armor penetration results

-Post-penetration shell path and damage assessments

-High Explosive fragmentation dispersal calculations

-Realistic vehicle and structure collision detection and damage

-Individual internal and external vehicle system damage modeling including track damage, engine overheats, fuel leaks, turret jams, crew casualties, bailouts and more


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If you would like more information about this game, review copies, exclusive materials or an interview with the developers, or for any other inquiries, please contact martin@battlefront.com.

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