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System 3 returns to full price publishing

One of the biggest names from the "Britsoft" scene of yesteryear is set to make a return to full price game publishing, with industry veteran Mark Cale relaunching System 3 within the coming months.

The return of the System 3 brand comes following the success of the Play It budget range, which Cale launched on the PlayStation 2 earlier this year, offering a variety of quality software titles at a £9.99 price point.

System 3 will be familiar to our, er, older readers as the company behind hits such as International Karate and The Last Ninja trilogy. The company expects to announce its first full price titles shortly.

"The return of System 3 marks our move into full price publishing and forms an integral part of our business plan for the forthcoming months," explained president Mark Cale. "We have been delighted by sales of our value Play It range and see this move as a natural progression to offer gamers the best possible games in each category."

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