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Syngress Publishing Announces the Release of "Game Console Hacking: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Atari, & Gamepark 32"

Book Shows How to Hack Modern, Retro, and Classic Game Systems

Rockland, MA - October 20, 2004 - Syngress Publishing, Inc., today announced the publication of "Game Console Hacking: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Atari, & Gamepark 32" (ISBN: 1-931836-31-0), a book written by Joe Grand, Frank Thornton, Albert Yarusso, and featuring a special foreword by Ralph H. Baer, the "Father of Video Games."

Amorette Pedersen, Vice President, Syngress Publishing, said, "Covering the 'old favorite' consoles of yesterday, right up to the latest machines from Microsoft and Sony, this book has something for everyone--from the beginner hobbyist with no electronics experience to the self-proclaimed gadget geek. Whether you like to get your hands dirty with hacking hardware or whether you're an aspiring game developer, this book shows you how to take an ordinary piece of equipment and turn it into a personal work of art."

Hacks include:

  • Revive your retro console! Turn your old Atari 2600 into a fully featured PC.
  • It's Independence Day! Hack your PlayStation 2 to boot code from the memory card.
  • GP32?! Experiment with the Gamepark 32, the unfamiliar yet extremely hackable handheld system.
  • Have you played Atari today? Create an arcade-style Atari 5200 paddle controller or transform the Atari 2600 joystick into one that can be used by left-handed players.
  • You can do that? Run Linux on your Microsoft Xbox.
  • Let there be light! Add an Afterburner LCD frontlight to your GBA.
  • Avoid the flashing blue screen! Fix the infamous cartridge slot on the Nintendo NES

Chapter topics include: Introduction to Hardware Hacking, Tools of the Warranty Voiding Trade, Case Modifications: Building an Atari 2600PC, Modern Game Consoles, Xbox, PS2, Handheld Game Platforms, Nintendo Game Boy and GBA, GP32, Retro and Classic Systems, Nintendo NES, Atari 2600, Atari 5200 SuperSystem, Atari 7800, and Electrical Engineering Basics.


ISBN: 1-931836-31-0

PRICE: $39.95 U.S.



Joe Grand is the President of Grand Idea Studio, a San Diego-based product development and intellectual property licensing firm, where he specializes in the invention and design of consumer electronics, medical devices, video games, and toys. His latest creations include the Stelladaptor Atari 2600 Controller-to-USB Interface and the Emic Text-to-Speech Module.

A recognized figure in computer security, Joe has testified before the United States Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and is a former member of the legendary hacker collective L0pht Heavy Industries. Joe's research on mobile devices and embedded security has been published in various periodicals, including Circuit Cellar and the Digital Investigation Journal. He is the author of many security-related software tools, including pdd, the first forensic acquisition application for Palm devices. Joe currently has a patent pending on a hardware-based computer memory imaging concept and apparatus (U.S. Patent Serial No. 10/325,506).

Joe has presented his work at numerous academic, industry, and private forums, including the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations, the Naval Postgraduate School, the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, the Embedded Systems Conference, the Black Hat Briefings, and DEFCON. He has appeared in documentaries and news for television, airplane in-flight programming, and print media outlets. He has also authored "Hardware Hacking: Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty" (Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1-932266-83-6) and contributed to "Stealing The Network: How to Own a Continent" (Syngress, ISBN: 1-931836-05-1). Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University.

Frank Thornton runs his own technology consulting firm, Blackthorn Systems, which specializes in wireless networks. His specialties include wireless network architecture, design, and implementation, as well as network troubleshooting and optimization. An interest in amateur radio helped him bridge the gap between computers and wireless networks. Having learned at a young age which end of the soldering iron was hot, he has even been known to repair hardware on occasion. In addition to his computer and wireless interests, Frank was a law enforcement officer for many years. As a detective and forensics expert he has investigated approximately one hundred homicides and thousands of other crime scenes. Combining both professional interests, he was a member of the workgroup that established ANSI Standard "ANSI/NIST-CSL 1-1993 Data Format for the Interchange of Fingerprint Information." He co-authored "WarDriving: Drive, Detect, and Defend: A Guide to Wireless Security" (Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1-93183-60-3), as well as contributed to "IT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals" (Syngress, ISBN: 1-931836-14-0). He resides in Vermont with his wife.

Albert Yarusso is a principle of Austin Systems (, an Austin, Texas-based firm that specializes in web design programming and hosting services. Albert's background consists of a wide range of projects as a software developer, with his most recent experience focused in the game industry. Albert previously worked for Looking Glass Technologies and more recently for Ion Storm Austin, where he helped create the highly acclaimed PC game Deus Ex. Albert co-founded AtariAge ( in 2001, a comprehensive web site devoted to preserving the history of Atari's rich legacy of video game consoles and computers, which has become one of the busiest destinations on the web for classic gaming fans. In 2003, Albert helped bring the first annual Austin Gaming Expo ( to Austin, an extremely successful event that drew over 2,000 visitors in its first year. Albert is also a contributor to "Hardware Hacking: Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty" (Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1-932266-83-6).

Ralph H. Baer is an engineer and a hacker from way back, as well as a prolific inventor with over 150 US and foreign patents to his credit. He is best known as the "Father of Video Games." For over fifty years he has had one leg in the commercial and defense electronics development and production business, and the other leg in toy and game design. Many well-known handheld electronic toys such as "Simon" came from his lab. His early video game hardware already resides in such places as the Smithsonian and the Japanese National Science Museum and replicas are on display all over the map. His home has been Manchester, New Hampshire for the past 48 years.

Background Information

Syngress Publishing (, headquartered in Rockland, Massachusetts, is an independent publisher of print and electronic reference materials for Information Technology professionals seeking skill enhancement and career advancement. Distributed throughout Europe, Asia, and the U.S. and Canada, Syngress titles have been translated into twenty languages. The company's pioneering customer support program,, extends the value of every Syngress title with regular information updates and customer-driven author forums. For more information on Syngress products, contact Amy Pedersen at 781-681-5151 or email Syngress books are distributed in the United States and Canada by O'Reilly Media, Inc.

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