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Syberia 3

Point-and-click adventures of Kate Walker to continue on PS3 and PC in June next year.

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Paris, April 1st, 2009 – Microïds, the owner of the Syberia franchise, announces the production of a new episode in the adventures of Kate Walker on the PlayStation 3 console and PC, bringing together console manufacturers with the world of the PC through a major collaborative innovation.

Syberia 3, the new episode in the adventures of Kate Walker, actually allows those playing on PC and those playing on PS3 to collaborate online, thanks to a simultaneous data exchange and sharing mode on the two platforms. Syberia 3 will therefore see teams of players being formed so as to optimize their chances of reaching the end of the adventure by pooling the abilities of each of the participants. Only PS3 players who have collaborated with PC players, and vice versa, will be able to accompany Kate to the end of the adventure.

This innovative gameplay is a first in video gaming, and in particular within the "point & click” adventure segment. Microïds’ ambition is to enable all players, irrespective of their gaming platform, to be able to participate collectively in the adventure so as to live the experience of collaborative gaming. This innovation will be offered for all future Microïds titles and will also be included in games currently being developed at partner studios.

After having traveled throughout Europe in Syberia and Syberia 2, Kate Walker starts out on the mammoths’ trail in a world on the border between reality and imagination, where strange white birds indicate the presence of extinct mammals...

Syberia 3 takes Kate on an adventure which mixes suspense, myth, ecology and action. She crosses paths with a weird Vic McPherson who is investigating the murky business of international trafficking of ancient works of art and prehistoric ivory…

Syberia 3 will be entirely in real time 3D and will be released on PS3 and PC in June 2010.

Kate Walker and the Syberia series

Created by Benoît Sokal, the character Kate Walker was born in 2003 in Syberia, the first installment of the eponymous series.

Released on PC, PS2 and Xbox, and subsequently adapted for Nintendo DS and Smartphones, Syberia was then praised by the press and players throughout the world and marked a turning point in the history of adventure games with its unique, magical and contemporary atmosphere. In 2004, Microïds and Benoît Sokal then gave new life to Kate Walker with the release of Syberia 2 on PC, PS2 and Xbox. This original and epic adventure led players on the trail of the last forgotten mammoths and, it was thought, brought an end to the adventures of the young lawyer. However, for 4 years, Kate Walker’s huge fan base has speculated on the future of the Syberia series and of their heroine.

About Microïds

MICROÏDS is one of the leading adventure games producers and publishers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. With an ongoing focus on hiring the industry's best and brightest new talents, MICROÏDS is home to the teams that develop and create innovative games and interactive programs. MICROÏDS has one of the world’s first and largest adventure catalogues, bringing together titles from Microïds, Cryo, Index+ and Wanadoo Edition. MICROÏDS’ international successes include Still Life, Syberia, Atlantis, Dracula, Egypt and Versailles series, or the Amerzone and Obscure hits.

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