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Swords & Soldiers

Ronimo's WiiWare RTS garners assortment of awards.

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS - The WiiWare™ game Swords & Soldiers, developed by Ronimo Games, came out on top at two award shows last week. First at the Dutch Game Awards diner, held last Thursday in the Dutch city of Amersfoort. Here the game won the 'Best Original Game Design' award and the 'Control magazine Industry' award. Then last Saturday the game won twice more at the prestigious Europrix Multimedia Awards gala held in Graz, Austria. Here the game grabbed the 'games' award and the 'overall' award.

At the Dutch Game Awards the game was nominated in five categories, best Game, best Visuals, best Audio, best Original Gameplay and the Control magazine Industry award. Finally it took two of those home, with the Control magazine Industry award being handed out by legendary Game Designer Peter Molyneux.

At the Europrix Multimedia Awards in Austria, the game was simply nominated for the 'games' category. But the jury found the game to be so addictive and visually pleasing it also won the 'overall' award. Making the game the best multimedia release from students and young professionals in the last year.

About “Swords and Soldiers”

Swords & Soldiers is a fresh sidescrolling real-time strategy game, in many ways a first for Nintendo's Wii system. In the game, three unique factions battle for the powers of the gods. Each faction has his own completely unique units and spells allowing for lots of strategies and variety.

For more information on Swords and Soldiers visit www.swordsandsoldiers.com

About Ronimo Games

Ronimo games is a young new developer, founded by the original creators of “de Blob” in October 2007. The team focusses on creating innovative games for a broad audience. The studio became a Nintendo licensed developer in spring 2008 and has released their first game, Swords & Soldiers for WiiWare, in the summer for 2009. For more information

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