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Swords & Sandals III : Multiplae Ultratus

Now available on PC and Mac.

15 July 2010

3RD sense, which operates the successful games network Fizzy.com, and develops games and online apps for consumers and innovative brands worldwide, today announced the release of a download version of its hugely popular multiplayer RPG game, Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus.

Set in a fantasy world of supernatural gladiators sporting magical weapons and armour, Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus is a turn-based, realtime multiplayer combat game. Until now, the game has only been available to play online for Fizzy.com VIP members, but now the world’s most popular multiplayer gladiator game is available for anyone to download and own.

“Swords and Sandals is our most widely loved series with over 100 million combined game plays,” said Colin Cardwell, CEO of 3RD sense. “The Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus download version means players can now play any of the games in the series either online or on their desktop.”

The download version of Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus has all the features of the online version:

Battle against other players online in real time 7 fighting arenas Over 40 different gladiator species including robots, the undead and golems Create multiple gladiators and save them Thousands of magical weapons and armour including electric guitars and chainguns Hundreds of spells, taunts and combat moves In addition, the full download version has: Full screen play mode Bigger, better audio Gladiators are kept in sync between the desktop and the online version No requirement to become a Fizzy.com VIP member Available for PC and Mac Of course, being real-time multiplayer, you’ll have to be online to play

“We’ve kept all the elements that make Swords and Sandals 3: Multiplae Ultratus so playable and made them available to download and own,” said Oliver Joyce, Swords and Sandals Lead Developer. “For fans and new players the download version just means more choice about how you play.”


The game is available here: http://www.fizzy.com/games/swords_sandals_3_multiplae_ultratus


ABOUT 3RD SENSE, www.3rdsense.com:

3RD sense operates the successful games network, Fizzy.com which is taking Flash game delivery to the cloud. The network offers something for players, advertisers and game developers with over 500,000 members and more than 1000 games. 3RD sense also develops games and online applications for consumers and organisations worldwide. 3RD sense works with companies to produce online applications and casual games that meet strategic marketing and business objectives. 3RD sense combine their marketing and advertising experience with social media knowledge to provide strategic play-based solutions.
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