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Sword of the Stars demo now available

Haarlem, The Netherlands, July 26th 2006 - Publisher Lighthouse Interactive and developer Kerberos Productions today announced the release of the official playable demo of their highly anticipated 4X strategy title 'Sword of the Stars'.

The demo has been premiered on Fileplanet and is also available in general release on the following websites:


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Background story

In 2145 Human scientists discover the Node drive, an incredible technology allowing travel between star systems at the speed of light. But as mankind sits poised on the brink of a new era, tragedy strikes: the first interstellar colonial ship is destroyed and Earth itself is ravaged by a mysterious alien race.

So begins a quest to colonize and conquer the stars in the classic 4X style of interstellar empire building. Explore mysterious new star systems, claim planets, exploit their resources, then design and build your own star ships to exterminate your enemies in exciting 3D space battles.

About the demo

The demo weights about 230 MB and will allow players to experience and explore the compelling Sword of the Stars universe. Two out of four races are available in this demo -the Human SolForce and the dreaded Tarkas Imperium. The demo will feature unlimited turns within a spherical galaxy made up of 40 stars. Gameplay will be limited to Fission era and first generation technologies, but will include alliances, random encounters and a few surprises. Gamers will be able to play singleplayer or go head to head in 4 player multiplayer on LAN or online.

About Sword of the Stars

Sword of the Stars features four playable races -each possessing unique language, ships, and technologies. Play as the Humans, relative newcomers to the universe, or the insect-like Hivers that swarm the galaxy through their Teleport Gates. Take command of the Tarkas -reptilian warlords who not only have a talent for battle but a taste for it, or the mysterious and enigmatic Liir, aquatically based life forms with a command of biotechnologies.

No matter which fleet players control, the game features a unique, random technology tree that provides a new element to keep the game play constantly evolving, insuring that there is no easy path to galactic domination. Developed by the talented team behind the award-winning 'Homeworld: Cataclysm' and the writers from the original HomeWorld series, Sword of the Stars delivers countless hours of research, design, and galaxy conquering for players of all ages.

Rated E 10+ in North America and PEGI 7+ for Europe.

If you enjoyed playing the demo, feel free to pre-order your copy of Sword of the Stars at the Lighthouse Interactive Online Store.

For more information about Sword of the Stars or Lighthouse Interactive please visit our website www.lighthouse-interactive.com

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