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Sword 2

Officially launched in North American, the UK and Germany, blending MMO real-time strategy with RPGing.

Irvine, Calif. – July 1, 2010 – GamersFirst, today’s most popular Free2PlayÒ online game destination, today commercially launched Sword 2 ,the RTS/RPG hybrid MMO, in North America, UK and Germany.

Sword 2 transforms the MMORPG genre by blending real-time strategy with traditional role playing game (RPG) play. This fantasy world boasts dramatic landscapes featuring incredible Baroque architecture, inspired by Europe’s exploration of the Americas.

Gamers can set out as a pioneer and explore Granado Espada; band together with friends to capture and defend colonies through-out the New World; or defeat vicious foes in thrilling twelve player raids. Sword 2 offers action for all!

In this highly anticipated release Sword 2:

- Opens up The Citadel of Gods Map

- Unlocks the Holy Waters Raid Mission

- Adds 'Skill Point Reset'


- 'Summon Your Friend' Functionalities

To keep up with Sword 2 and its community, join us at the following links:

Sword 2 (Home Page) – www.GamersFirst/Sword2

Facebook – www.Facebook.com/G1Sword2

Twitter – @Sword2

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