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Switzerland votes to ban violent games

Law could result in the withdrawal of games rated 16 and above by PEGI

Switzerland's parliament has passed a law that could lead to the outright ban of violent games in the country.

An initial proposal was put forward last month, calling for the banning of any game that "requires cruel acts of violence against humans and human-like creatures for in-game success", and that motion has now been passed by the Swiss National Council.

According to a GamesMarkt report, while the request has now been formally accepted, the government still needs to decide on the specifics of the law.

Now that parliament has voted in favour of the move, it is free to decide on the specific legal text - although citizens are able to challenge any new law passed by parliament if they can show sufficient opposition to it.

One motion, put forward by the Christian Democratic Party has called for the ban of all first-person shooters rated 16+ or 18+ by PEGI.

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Kath Brice