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Swiss Game Industry

MMOs and casual games head up the country's GDC line up.

On Friday, March 4 th, the Swiss Consulate’s swissnex welcomes registered guests at the Swiss game reception party. During the whole week, an exhibition with Swiss-made games will be presented where you have the possibility to take a closer look at innovative products created by the Swiss game industry. Tickets for the reception party are available at our booth, so make sure you secure access to it early on. The Swiss game booth is supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and swissnex San Francisco.

Switzerland has a fast growing game industry that delivers products full of creativity and Swiss quality to you. You see, there are many reasons to visit us at the Game Developers Conference booth 731, South Hall. We are looking forward to meeting you there!  

Company / Organization Profile

MMO business opportunity


Our goal is the realization of innovative video games by integrating forms of bio-inspired artificial intelligence.

Being experienced in the field of web and applications development, we naturally headed towards the programming of online games. Our first project in this field has the code name «m3n» and is based on a simulation of evolutionary artificial populations distributed in several environments with the goal for the players to take control of

Casual Games

Crown ADAM

One of Europe’s most up and coming independent game developers of PC and wireless casual games.

Crown ADAM’s growing portfolio of exclusive titles includes award winning and highly ranked casual games. To date their experienced team has created original titles for some of the biggest names in PC gaming. Now developing titles under their own label for PC downloadable and mobile devices Crown ADAM is posed for premier publisher and key brand relationships.

Online & Social Games


Nothing is your partner for highest quality Swiss online game productions.

As an instrument for corporate communications our games offer intense confrontation with brands and messages. Successful games in business critical areas for the most influential Swiss corporations and brands make Nothing an industry leader for online games. Nothing offers concept, design and development for a seamless and immersive game experience.

MMO Trading Card Game


New technologies working for the fun and design of games - this is our vision.

The pattern of media consumption is in full revolution with the arrival of the Internet and recently the latest generation of mobile phones. EverdreamSoft develops and produces Moonga the iPhone MMO trading card game. Moonga has been downloaded more than 100’000 times and 1 million virtual cards have been distributed since January 2010. EverdreamSoft is active in Europe and Japan.

Game Design Education & Serious Games

ZHdK Game Design

In the heart of Switzerland the Zurich University of Arts offers a professional Game Design education.

In our B.A. and M.A. programs you willget a profound understanding of gameculture, game design and game development.We offer a balanced and comprehensiveeducation in concepting, graphics andtechniques. The program at the ZurichSchool of the Arts runs a field of researchin Serious Game Design. Since 2005several games have been developed incooperation projects with research andindustry partners.

Pervasive location-based gaming


Gbanga is the innovative and awarded Swiss startup pioneering in the area of pervasive, location-based gaming.

We enhance existing cell phones with the app to tell stories on the go and game-driven mixed-reality quests that are immersive and exciting to play. Besides the virally growing social game Gbanga Famiglia, we have implemented edutainment and e-tourism quests for clients and offer unique plot-integrated advertising opportunities that drive walk-in customers for your business.

Mobile Games

bitforge Ltd.

Games are our business. We develop our own mobile games as well as enable your idea into a final product.

With our experience and knowledge we guarantee a high level of quality and are able to develop games which are especially created for you and according to your wishes. By now, bitforge belongs to Switzerland’s leading companies in game development. The company has been founded in 2004 and has its head office in the beautiful city of Rapperswil, Switzerland.

Feel free to contact us:

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Arlette Pond, Crown ADAM                        -

Robbert van Rooden, Nothing                   -

Shaban Shaame, EverdreamSoft               -

Rene Bauer, ZHdK                                           -

Matthias Sala, Gbanga                                   -

Reto Senn, bitforge                                         -

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