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Swedish developer premieres game on Gamer's Gate

Penumbra: Overture to be released in March

Stockholm, Sweden (February 2, 2007) - Digital community platform Gamer's Gate, announced today that it has signed a new exciting title by Swedish developer Frictional Games. First out in a series of games, "Penumbra: Overture" is guaranteed to keep players on edge as they explore its scary and immersive environment.

Played from a first person viewpoint, the captivating story line introduces challenging mind puzzles in a detailed world where secrets are uncovered.

The 3D engine utilises cutting edge technology as well as an advanced physics system, where the mouse replicates natural movements to create a highly interactive and life-like game world. The same technique is applied to the weapon system, where the mouse serves to give players an increased realistic feel of combat.

Fighting enemies is not something best done with brute force though, in most situations fighting is a last resort and the player is often better using his/her wits. The enemy AI will also do its best to hunt and scare the player. Horrific creatures encountered can break down doors, use group co-ordination, interact with the physics and much more.

Penumbra: Overture will be released in the end of March and will retail for 19.99/$19.99.

About Gamer's Gate

Gamer's Gate is a unique digital distribution platform launched by Paradox Interactive to create easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide - anytime, anywhere. Seen as a strong contender on the digital download arena, plans for its immediate future include the launch of several accompanying services and a substantial increase in the product portfolio offered to consumers. http://www.gamersgate.com.

Frictional Games

Frictional Games was founded in 2006 in Helsingborg, Sweden. The company constists of a core team of developers creating content and technology, while a network of external contributors provide additional resources in music, coding, writing and other specialized areas.

"Penumbra: Overture" is the first installment in a planned series, based on the Penumbra technology which has already received recognition from the gaming community. The game is built on their in-house developed HPL engine, featuring various "next-gen" graphics, physics and audio technologies.

Take an interactive tour of the engine and find out more about Fictional Games here: http://www.penumbra-overture.com

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