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SwagVault offer

Free gold available via guild sponsorship program.

17th, Feb.,2009-----As the pioneer of MMOG secondary market, SwagVault has been devoting to helping our valued customers maximize their gaming experience. Now we are glad to launch another amazing incentive plan to all of you: “SwagVault World of WarCraft Guild Sponsorship Program”

The details of the guild sponsorship are as follows:

Guild Size Gold Reward

50-100 Members 1000G /month

101-150 Members 2000G/month

151-300 Members 5000G/month

301-450 Members 10000G/ month

More than 450 Members 15000G/month

This sponsorship program will last for 3 months. Any guild with interest can write an application and the first 100 qualified applicants will get free gold from us. First Comes, First Served!

Read more detailed information at and grasp this generous offer!

Good Luck!

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