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SuperCar Challenge

News of two new cars: the Ferrari 599XX and the Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss.

System 3 is proud to present two absolutely stunning new supercars to add to your bulging SuperCar Challenge showroom collection: the Ferrari 599XX and the Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss!

While both cars are completely different to each other when it comes to handling and general design, both feature tantalizingly seductive curves and show just how far car design has come in the last 10 years. If you think they look great you’d be right but you can forget any dreams about owning either car. Only 75 Stirling Moss models were made for the June ’09 launch and they were all snapped up months ago. Even more exclusive is the 599XX, which is only being made available to a few Ferrari-selected clients. And even then the cars can only be driven at selected Ferrari-sanctioned track events.

Such is the exclusivity of these cars, both in real life and in videogames, that SuperCar Challenge really is the only place where you can get behind the wheels of 2009’s finest race-day offerings!

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About System 3

Formed in 1982 System 3 is globally renowned for heartwarming entertainment experiences that formed the very foundations of the modern videogames we know and love today.

From the behemoth that was The Last Ninja, to the platforming brilliance of MYTH: History In The Making, to the legendary status of International Karate and the joyous simplicity of Putty Squad, System 3 has been responsible for some of the greatest videogames of the past 27 years.

System 3 is currently building towards the release of Williams Pinball Classics (PSP, PS2, Wii), PowerPlay Pool (DS) and SuperCar Challenge (PS3) in Q2 2009.

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