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Super Fruitfall on Wii to launch on December 8th



-- 1st December 2006 --

London, United Kingdom -1st December 2006 - System 3 Games today announced the launch of one of two Nintendo Wii titles for simultaneous release alongside the highly-anticipated hardware launch on December 8th.

Super Fruitfall, It's a Brain Game and a unique puzzle game concept which is ideally suited to the Nintendo Wii casual family-gaming philosophy and the play mechanic is crucially simple-to-play but difficult to master. The Brain Game category has exploded in recent years and Super Fruitfall combines the best ingredients to test your mental dexterity. Players have a simple objective, to clear the fruit - but which is the best way from the thousands of possibilities?

The objective of Super Fruitfall is to eliminate every piece of fruit by moving them around a puzzle grid until they become grouped together. The fruit can only be moved by rotating the play area in one of three ways. The strategy is in using your brain to employ the most-effective way to get the fruit to fall and special bonuses are awarded for spectacular combinations. Sounds simple, eh? - Just you wait!

Super Fruitfall is a totally compelling brain game, easy to understand and with a simple control system. It is that uncomplicated control system that opens the game-up to the whole family and with the head-to-head feature you can compete in an exciting two-player mode. The perfect difficulty curve is guaranteed to take your brain and have you coming back for more as the challenge increases and as those puzzle mazes become more-complicated.

Managing Director, Mark Cale, commented, "Super Fruitfall is a fantastic concept and offers a very broad appeal making it the perfect pick-up title for 'Day One' hardware purchasers and is the perfect Christmas stocking filler. We have worked extremely hard to utilise the unique features of the Wii and I'm proud of the great job we've done with Super Fruitfall."

Super Fruitfall one of two Nintendo Wii titles launching on December 8th by System 3 Software under the company's flagship premium brand, System 3.

Super Fruitfall on Nintendo Wii is expected to retail at £24.99.

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Simon Jones, Peppermint M Ltd

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Roger Large, Sales Director, System 3.

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This release was issued by PEPPERMINT M, a marketing company specialising in the mobile entertainment, toy, video games and licensing sectors.

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-- About System 3 Software --

System 3 are considered one of the founding partners of the video game industry. Their high-quality production values and passion for game play have helped shape the market for twenty-five years. Titles such as The Last Ninja and International Karate spawned new genres and were the forefathers of some of today biggest hits.

The privately-owned company operates the highly successful Play It budget label and releases titles under this and premium brand; System 3.

The company website is located at:

-- About Nintendo® Wii --

The Wii introduces a new style of gaming to fans and newcomers alike with the use of an innovative controller. The Wii Remote uses motion-sensors activated by simple movements for the ultimate in interactive gaming which is accessible to all.

The system launches in the United Kingdom on December 8th 2006.

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