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Super Cub X

Flight Sim X add-on gets an update.

Europe, June 19, 2010

Francois Dumas, owner of FSAddon Publishing, reports they have released an Upgrade to their popular Super Cub for FSX package.

Good news for the Super Cub X fans out there. Simon Smeiman, the author of our Cub, has been working hard to not only fix a few problems that popped up after release, but also adding a number of great new features!

Corrections include a new face of the VSI gauge, correction of the compass, fixed cockpit interior seams, and stabilizer texture fix.

NEW are the switch that will allow you to change the crew inside. Included are the choice between a male and a female pilot, but also some combinations of pilot and passenger. There's also a 'tie down' option included AND you can see people standing OUTSIDE of the aircraft!

All of that is explained in the associated Upgrade Instructions The documentation and installation instructions are included in the download file, but you can also check it directly HERE.( )

You will need the original Super Cub X package of course, which is available here for download ( ) and here on CD. ( ). The UPGRADE can be downloaded HERE. ( )

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