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Super Boom Boom 2: Space Adventure

Micro-transaction-based mobile game to launch in the States.

Los Angeles, California — October 5th, 2008--GAMEVIL USA, the LA-based mobile games publisher, announced today is plans to launch Super Boom Boom 2: Space Adventure that will feature a new business model, micro-transaction.

Korea is the first country to establish a nationwide high speed internet infrastructure, which help started the online PC game market around the world. In addition, with global handset manufacturers such as Samsung and LG, it is the first country that started the wireless internet trend.

Having one of the fiercest and fast changing business environments in the world, looking at the trend of Korean mobile industry is a way to predict the future U.S., European, and global mobile market.

Another first for Korea is that they are the inventers of the micro-transaction business model for mobile gaming.

Previously, the purchasing of mobile games was similar to console or PC, it would be an unlimited, one-time purchase deal. In contrast, the newly adopted micro-transaction would create revenue by deriving users to purchase game items or money for a better gaming experience.

“Gang-a-ji (Puppy)”, was the first ever micro-transaction game published by GAMEVIL and released in September 14th 2006 via SK Telecom. The game started a new trend in Korea’s mobile gaming market, now making micro-transaction the most widely accepted business model. The micro-transaction system has proven to be a huge success, creating on average 30~40% extra revenue and up to 300% for certain titles; showing that post-revenues of well structured micro-transaction games can even exceed revenues from actual downloads.

GAMEVIL’s “Baseball Superstars 2008” with 1.3 million downloads in 10 months of its release is one of Korea’s top mobile games. To download the game, users pay $3 USD. The micro-transaction allows users to purchase virtual currency “G-Points” which is used within the game. The average user will purchase $1.50 USD worth of G-Points, a 50% extra revenue, adding 2 million USD to the 4 million USD already generated from downloads alone.

The key to the success of “Baseball Superstars 2008” micro-transaction system is in the detailed virtual currency eco-system structure. Users are able to earn G-Points for free while playing the game, but those who wish to skip this step can purchase G-Points directly and with it, users can purchase special skills and items.

This very successful micro-transaction business model from Korea, is now taking its shot in the U.S. for the first time.

GAMEVIL USA will soon be launching Super Boom Boom 2: Space Adventure in the U.S. Covering over 90 handsets, it will be the first game in the U.S. with a micro-transaction system to cover 98% of available handsets including Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Using micro-transaction, users can purchase G-points (virtual currency within the game) to purchase three completely new stages, items, and play mini games. Super Boom Boom 2: Space Adventure is scheduled to launch in October, 2008.


GAMEVIL is a premier global mobile games publisher headquartered in Los Angeles, USA and Seoul, Korea. Since its founding in 2000, GAMEVIL has earned a reputation as one of the best companies in the mobile games sector by crafting 10 award winners in a diverse portfolio of over 60 games. GAMEVIL is well known for revolutionizing the sector with its original and innovative mobile games, backed by unparalleled expertise in advanced mobile and network technology. As a world class leader in mobile game publishing, GAMEVIL continues to lead the sector with a commitment to establish mobile as the definitive mass market entertainment platform for the world.

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