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Super Ball Escape

Free on the App Store from February 17.


A unique action game played with tilt control, Super Ball Escape will delight all types of gamers with its unique blend of genres. Take control of a robot ball and escape to freedom through numerous mazes. Action, infiltration and balance will all be part of the game. We hope to see you on the App Store, from Thursday February 17th and on, to discover Super Ball Escape.

About Super Ball Escape :

Developed and published by Playlithium, Super Ball Escape is an action adventure game that will challenge your balance and agility skills to the max. Take control of your robot ball and help him in his epic escape from the evil corporation that created him. Using precise tilt control from your device, roll your ball with skill and dexterity through many fun levels to escape to your freedom. 

The game has multiple mazes with many traps. Being spotted by patrol robots can be lethal! You will need to move with stealth precision to avoid being seen and you can choose to unlock any of seven upgrades to help you progress through the maze. Will you choose to infiltrate or use force to overcome enemies blocking your way ? 

Keep in mind a sound and balanced approach is the best way to get through this adventure. Taking place at hundreds of meters above the cityscape, you'll have to deal with the constant risk of falling to your death. Super Ball Escape is a highly addictive game which requires you to exercise your tilt control skills with smart strategic thinking.

Super Ball Escape will be available on the App Store from February 17, 2011 and FREE for 3 days. From February 20, the game will be offered at only $2.99/€2.39/£1.79.

System Requirements: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch (2nd, 3rd, 4th generation)  

About Playlithium.

Playlithium is an independent game developer and publisher based in Shanghai, China. Composed of an international team of game addicts from the USA, Europe and China, our goal is to offer games and innovative content for mobile platform users. The next coming months will be exciting with several games released for iPhone and iPad such as Super Ball Escape. Stay tuned for much more coming soon!


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