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Summer Games Goes For Gold On The Pocket PC

Summer Games the multi million selling classic sports title from EPYX finds a new home on the Pocket PC, courtesy of AIM Productions and Ironstone Partners ltd. AIM Productions have focused their extensive creative expertise and experience on the Pocket PC and taken the Summer Games franchise into the 21st Century. Players are able to compete in traditional events such as the 200m Sprint and the Long Jump as well as turning their games playing skills to events such as Skeet Shooting and Rowing.

The player is able to select a variety of countries to represent over the events, allowing users to align themselves with their country of choice. The graphics are all lavishly rendered in 24 bit colour and the characters themselves have all been designed with 3D editors, ensuring fluid and complex animations. The game also features full Practice and Championship modes, allowing the player to fine tune their approach to an event before taking on the Worlds best. The revolutionary control system is based upon precision and timing, rewarding any player who is prepared to master the nuances of the game. In short, Summer Games is easy to play but will take time to master, however once mastered the player truly can, go for gold!

Read the full story and download your free demo HERE:

About AIM Productions

AIM Productions is a privately held company situated in Belgium. Founded in 1994, AIM built a strong catalogue of PC-WINDOWS applications, games and multimedia, mainly marketed and distributed on CD-Rom. Now, AIM's main focus is on mobile entertainment. Being one of the leading publishers of games and entertainment software on handheld platforms, AIM's rapidly expanding catalogue currently contains over 40 unique titles on Pocket PC, over 30 on Smartphone and Java phones. Over the past few years, AIM has won several Awards for Best Software on Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone platforms. Besides its publishing activities, AIM Productions also does in-house software development, which guaranties quality software and AIM's well-known fast and effective after-sale technical support.

For any enquires please contact:

David Torres - Marketing Manager

T: 32(0)3 457 8859

F: 32(0)3 457 4668

About Ironstone Partners Ltd

Ironstone Partners Ltd is a private licensing and I.P. creation company headquartered in Manchester, UK. with a focus on the Video Game and Toy industries. Ironstone has created and licensed a number of highly successful products creating an enviable niche within brand licensing. In addition Ironstone holds rights to a great number of marquee brands for various formats which include The Commodore 64, the EPYX catalogue of video games which includes the multi million selling California Games, Rogue Trooper, 2000AD, Sniper Elite, the massively popular girls branded characters from Withit UK, the world famous Judge Dredd and hundreds of the worlds best known retro video games titles. Ironstone is continuing to forge new partnerships to expand it's catalogue and to bring the very best games and toys to the market.

For any enquires please contact:

Tina Elkin - Marketing Manager

T: 44(0)161 839 2828

F: 44(0)161 839 2838

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