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Success for PlayStation® as Four Titles Win Prestigious Japan Game Awards

London UK - Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Worldwide Studios has been credited with four awards at the Japan Game Awards 2006 hosted at Tokyo Game Show. The awards were given to three PLAYSTATION®3 titles - Heavenly Sword, Gran Turismo® HD and THE EYE OF JUDGMENT - and to the PlayStation®2 game, Shadow of the Colossus. Compiled by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA), the awards are now in their 10th year and are voted for by the public across all computer platforms, including home videogame systems and personal computers.

Honoured in the "Future" division, the winning PLAYSTATION 3 titles demonstrate the breadth and versatility of content available for the new format.

Heavenly Sword, a deep cinematic tale of revenge and survival, combines dramatic performance with diverse combat action made possible by PLAYSTATION 3. Gran Turismo HD delivers an unparalleled racing experience offering the next generation of driving excellence in full high definition, and opening the doors to an infinite world of online entertainment. THE EYE OF JUDGMENT combines traditional trading card gaming with state of the art technology to unveil an innovative new type of gameplay.

"We are honoured to receive four CESA awards, and are particularly pleased to receive recognition for our PLAYSTATION 3 titles, even before the platform has launched", said Phil Harrison, President, SCE Worldwide Studios. "PLAYSTATION 3 has allowed us to stretch beyond traditional gaming to create innovative products like these, challenging the way players interact with their console. We look forward to unveiling many more groundbreaking titles with the upcoming launch of PLAYSTATION 3."

Confirming the continued support for PlayStation 2, Shadow of the Colossus received an 'Award for Excellence' in the "Game of the Year" division for its distinctive game characteristics, seamless game world and outstanding graphics.

About Heavenly Sword -

Emotionally charged, stunningly beautiful and delivering unprecedented dramatic character performance, Heavenly Sword showcases the power of PLAYSTATION 3. A dramatic tale of revenge sees Nariko, a fiery red-haired heroine embark on a quest for vengeance against an invading King and his army. The story builds around the ancient Heavenly Sword which once belonged to a powerful deity. It can never be wielded by a mortal without it draining their life-force, killing them within hours. Heavenly Sword features a deep, diverse combat experience made possible by PLAYSTATION 3.

About Gran Turismo HD -

With more than 45 million units sold worldwide, the award-winning Gran Turismo franchise serves as the racing game of choice amongst the automotive and gaming audience due to its true-to-life graphics and physics and real-world cars and tracks.

Exclusive to PLAYSTATION 3, Gran Turismo HD serves as a glimpse into the evolution of the franchise and provides gamers with two types of game modes that offer an unparalleled racing experience suited for the next generation of gaming. In Gran Turismo HD, gamers will have access to GT HD Premium and GT HD Classic. GT HD Premium features cars and tracks like never before in full high definition quality. GT HD Classic features unique online gameplay that not only provides head-to-head racing, but allows for the long awaited feature of additional cars (ranging up to 750 car models) and tracks (up to 50) available through ongoing downloads. During gameplay in Gran Turismo HD, players have the ability to manage race regulations, online competition and communities, as well as organize race events.

Gran Turismo HD opens doors for further opportunities of online entertainment on PLAYSTATION 3. With the range of cars and tracks available, it encourages and enables players to create their own "World of GT" resulting in a 'Pure Driving Simulator.'


THE EYE OF JUDGMENT presents a new style of gameplay where the player brings characters of fantasy cards to life for battle in 3D. Through use of a 3' x 3' board players conquer the field by selecting a card and placing it in front of the camera. The unique "Cybercode" printed on the card enables the PLAYSTATION 3 to identify its powers, allowing the respective character to come to life and do battle. Each character has various skill sets, which will determine the outcome of the battle. THE EYE OF JUDGMENT presents the player with more than 100 cards, as well as unique online and offline gameplay.

About Shadow of the Colossus -

From the creators of ICO and available exclusively on PlayStation 2, Shadow of the Colossus is an atmospheric, brooding tale set in mysterious lands.

As a lone horseback traveller, your destiny is entwined with that of a lifeless young girl who lies on an altar within a vast temple. The girl is helpless, her soul has been lost and there is only one way to retrieve it

Following a voice from the heavens, you embark on a dark and dangerous quest to seek out and slay the enormous wandering monsters that roam this strange world. Only you can defeat these formidable Colossi, and in doing so, only you can bring life to the girl who lies waiting on the altar.


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