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Subsonic DSi accessories

Covering everything from screen protection to storage.


With the recent release of the Nintendo DSi™, Subsonic is intending to allow its users to really benefit from the new multimedia abilities offered by the new portable Nintendo console.

So, the SCREEN PROTECTION & CLEANING KIT offers 2 screen protections for the DSi™ with a microfiber wipe and applicator for simple and efficient use, a mini screen cleaner with elastic strap for attaching it to the console, and an indispensable new release for the DSi™ - a protective lens for the console’s exterior camera.

The ALL IN ONE CRYSTAL CASE is a transparent shell which will protect the DSi™ console held inside. Keep taking photos thanks to the camera’s protective cover! This polycarbonate case uses a drawer to store up to 3 game cards and 3 SD cards, very useful for making the most of the DSi™’s music and photos. On top of this, a transparent stylus is included with the pack.

Subsonic’s DSi range obviously includes the stylus pack, available in black and white. 4 classics stylus’ + 1 finger stylus, both with Subsonic’s trade mark anti-scratch tips.

Subsonic haven’t forgotten the many DS™ Lite owners and that’s why the manufacturer is offering 2 IN 1 packs allowing a gentle transfer towards the new generation console. So, the range includes a bag which will fit a DSi™ or a DS™ Lite. The 2 IN 1 CONSOLE CASE has a built in compartment for storing games and accessories. Available in black and white.

Packs are also involved. Subsonic is offering 2 accessory packs, DSi™ and DS™ Lite compatible. The first is the 13 IN 1 ESSENTIALS KIT which includes everything essential to protect, store and really make the most of the console. The kit comprises a storage bag, DSi™ and DS™ Lite screen protectors with wipe and applicator, 2 classic anti-scratch stylus’ + 1 anti-scratch finger stylus, 3 game storage cases, as well as a protective lens for the exterior camera and SD card adapter enabling the protection and storage of an SD card within a storage case for a DS card. Available in black and white.

Finally, Subsonic also understands how to answer the expectations of more demanding players. The 22 IN 1 MAXI KIT, as its name suggests, is the ultimate pack for console addicts. In addition to all the indispensable accessories included in the 13 IN 1 ESSENTIALS KIT, it also contains everything necessary to recharge your console in any situation: mains charger, cigarette lighter charger for the car, and a USB charge cable to use with your PC for example. One important detail, the adaptor which allows you to recharge a DSi™ or a DS™ Lite! And last of all, to completely make the most of the DSi™ musical abilities, this pack includes stereo earphones and an audio distributor. “So what’s one of those?” you ask yourself. Very simply, it’s an accessory which allows you to plug two sets of earphones into the audio connection of your console, letting 2 people listen to the music held on your DSi™! Available in black and white.

All these accessories are available now, with the same assurance as always from Subsonic: To offer players high quality, innovative products at competitive prices.

Find more information and accessory benefits on the website: www.subsonic.fr

Subsonic Press Contact : eleong@subsonic.fr

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